Halfway There

I see where President Trump released his budget idea. I see where he started to read my columns, then got distracted and didn't finish reading them.

He's halfway there.

Years ago, Zjabs said the President (with Congress behind him) simply releases a statement that says 'every government agency is to cut 25%. Period, end of story.'

The first one that comes to him and says it cannot be done (within reason- obviously you're not doing this to the Pentagon, but you wait for the Helium Reserve Board or whoever gives money to the Lawrence Welk Museum), you reply- 'it can't? There is no way to cut 25 percent?' And when they say no, you axe the entire agency. You then ask 'is anyone else unable to reach the goal?'

Though Trump was a little more lenient than Zjabs, he did falter when it comes to military spending. As Zjabs has noted multiple times- we spend so much more than anyone else to start with- and there is such waste...and Trump wants other countries to help pay for their defense (what a crazy idea!)...let's say they don't all pony up- that would logically lead to cuts (as we aren't helping them beyond our treaty obligations). The last thing we need is an increase- it should have the same 25% cut as every other department- I'm pretty sure we won't be invaded with or without that 25%.

Overall I'd give him a B, though I don't see why he needs to show people he has a big one (by beefing up military spending)- must be the small hands comment getting to him? Show a backbone and cut defense spending along with everything else. The country needs that.

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

© 2017 Zjabs - 3/21/17

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