So many titles

Today's column could be titled 'The State Shuts Down'. Or 'There's No Business Like Snow Business.' Or 'Invoking the Wrath of Nick.'

We had a 'weather event' Tuesday (I'm old enough to remember when it was a snowstorm. I'm also old enough to remember when they only had a Doppler 40000 instead of the Doppler 64000000 like they have now. Of course Nick remembers having lunch with Doppler, so he wins again).

Zjabs didn't work on Tuesday. Okay let me rephrase that as I can hear Nick chortling already. Zjabs didn't show up at his job site on Tuesday.

The state shut down.

Monday night, Zjabs' personal cell phone rang. It was an 866 number and he didn't recognize it- Zjabs figured he'd won another cruise (but he had nowhere to put it). Seconds later his work cell rang- same number.

Then something odd happened- a message was left which the telemarketers don't generally do.

And then an email came in as well.

Per the governor's office of employee relations- workers don't have to report to work but do not have to charge accruals.

In other words, Zjabs got a snow day- his first one ever in public employment (he did get credited back a day during the ice storm but that was after the fact- this was done prior to the storm).

If Zjabs were 20 years younger, he'd be happy about this- a day off to screw off.

Instead Zjabs was actually a little upset as he had things he was planning to do in the office (I guess he could go to the office- the email was something about you didn't have to report, it didn't say you COULDN'T report- but it didn't say the office was open either and there were no bosses available after hours to call to verify).

But it also raised a question- say Zjabs was still doing the overnights- would he then have to drive home (as the state might not cover the hotel as the office is closed? And when exactly would Zjabs drive home as he did so on the clock- so if he wasn't working Tuesday but had to work Wednesday in the Rochester area...when exactly is he supposed to get home?).

Actually Zjabs did get a partial snow day one time, now that he thinks about it- he was in Hornell, and the state closed at 2:45 PM. Zjabs got an email about that at 3 PM, telling him. But Zjabs started at 7 AM and would have had an hour and a half drive even had he gone home, he'd have worked overtime. Zjabs laughed and went to the hotel and continued to work.

I understand what the governor is trying to do- win favor with the employees so he can become president- err, I mean keeping his employees out of harm's way as he cares about us, and also keeping us out of the way of the cleanup effort. But Zjabs for one would rather just do his job.

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

© 2017 Zjabs - 3/16/17

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