We recently (a couple of days ago) had a major wind storm in Rochester. Winds up to 80 miles an hour.

My hat's off to RGE (well of course it is, I'm indoors and I'm not uncouth).

Oh no, they were an abysmal failure- lots of people lost their power due to lines and poles coming down which is completely unacceptable. There should be major concessions made to consumers (how about a major credit back on the next bill for people affected? At least pro-rate the fixed costs...as you are not receiving power for some portion of the period- I mean the way they have things set up, they can simply turn off all power in the region for a year and make a bundle off the fixed costs alone...or would THAT be enough to get the overseers to pay attention?). Zjabs had to do work with someone affected by RGE's epic fail a week and a half ago (when the Lee/Lexington area was shut down for five days)- it was a manufacturer in that area who lost FIVE DAYS of production. That's unacceptable- so much for making America Great again. If they lose business to the Chinese as at least China has reliable sources of power...

But RGE did not shut my power off. They had the perfect cover story. Zjabs had multiple times when he lost power for a second or two (which was probably them warning Zjabs of their power -or lack thereof- see what I did there?) but he did not lose power for any substantial period of time.

It's good to see they aren't petty. They are grossly incompetent of course, but they are not petty. Good for them.

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

© 2017 Zjabs - 3/10/17

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