If you'll give him to me..I don't want him

As I drive around, I listen to sports talk radio. It's an easy way to turn my brain off while driving (as who needs a brain to drive- certainly most of the other drivers aren't thinking!).

I have the teams I like- including two in football- the Jets and the Browns (boy, I can pick them!).

And the Browns have the first pick in the draft which is scary as it will be yet another chance to mess up.

One of the rumors out there is that the Patriots may be willing to deal their backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Bill Belichick is a good coach. Say what you want about his methods, or his honesty but he does win football games. And obviously he and the organization can scout talent (I forget the exact stat but it's something like out of the 22 starters on last year's Super Bowl winning team, one was a first round draft pick).

Tom Brady is getting old. Jimmy Garoppolo seems a capable backup.


if the Patriots say 'yeah, you can have him...'

Well, I don't want him. It's like when you were a kid and some older kid is trying to do a deal with you- you just know he's going to rip you off as he knows more than you. So it's best to just avoid the situation.

Let someone else overpay.

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

PS. Years ago Zjabs said that he understood quarterback to be the most important position, and if you didn't have a good one, you weren't going to win. But you couldn't overreach- if no quarterback in the draft was good enough, then don't overpay- just pick other positions and build a good team elsewhere. You'll find your quarterback over the next couple of years- that beats reaching annually. Of course teams like the Browns and Jets ignore Zjabs...and we see how well that works. I'm not gonna be ignored....

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