Thar She Blows

We had a windstorm in Rochester the other day. A lot of blowing of air- and I'm not just talking Bob Matthews' radio show.

For most of the day yesterday, the road was closed at Lexington and Lee Roads as multiple wires and power lines were down.

On that corner is a building that has a lot of medical offices in it. There were two cars in the parking lot every time Zjabs drove by during the day (probably cleaners who were trapped at work).

There are other businesses in that area as well.

Zjabs wonders how many people were inconvenienced by this- people who had to change their appointments (even though they may already have taken the time off work), businesses that lost income, workers who had to take days off as they couldn't get to work and so forth?

All because the local utility (which is heavily regulated) can't get its act together?

Other than a car hitting a pole or some similar situation, there is no excuse for wires or poles being down. As I recall, this company is allowed by the government to charge me $1 for the privilege of billing me...yet they get off scot-free when something that should be foreseen (wind) happens?

I would hope that the flip-side of being able to gouge me (save a dollar, don't bill me. Problem solved) is that when something like this happens, there is a major fine upon the company.

Somehow things never seem to happen that way...

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

© 2017 Zjabs - 3/3/17

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