I grew up with the usual pranks that kids do- spitballs and swirlees and the like- Indian Burns (though I have to track down the origin- it may now be 'Indigenous Peoples Burn' unless it's the Asian Indian Burn?).

Of course we had the noogies too. But in Cleveland, noogies were tougher than they are here. In fact, I cannot believe what passes for a noogie in Rochester.

Apparently, in this area (and most other areas), a person will get the victim in a headlock and then vigorously rub his knuckles over the victim's skull.

Oh if only....

for growing up in Cleveland, a noogie was when the person got the victim in a headlock and then extended the knuckle of the middle finger and punched down time after time. I wish I had gotten off with a little rub as that would have been ecstasy compared to what happened.

Sometimes the mean hallways of a Catholic grade school could be tough to endure. And Sister Mary had tough knuckles....

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

© 2017 Zjabs - 3/17/17

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