Gambling? Think of the children

This column came about due to something Tom Dey said in a comment a month ago. He, like me, decries the 'think of the children' crowd as being devious. They link something to the welfare of the children, and then who can possibly be against their idea...UNLESS of course you hate children? (Which I actually do, but that's another story)

Tom Dey talked about people who opposed gambling, and said 'think of the children...'

Now Zjabs happens to be pro-gambling. Not as Zjabs does it much but he also doesn't want to see every private sector worker hauled away in handcuffs for playing football parleys (though of course being private sector, they can afford bail). He actually feels that as long as the game is 'fair' (with the acknowledgement that the house will be getting an advantage if it's not simply a bet between two consenting adults), then what business is it of anyone else if an adult gambles?

But of course some busybodies say 'think of the children' and try to ban it.

But that's odd. As what does everyone say as they roll the dice, hoping for luck?

Right....'Come on, come on...Baby needs a new pair of shoes....'

So if we 'think of the children', shouldn't we be PRO-Gambling? Unless of course you want the kids to be barefoot in the snow, in which case you're a heartless heathen....

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

© 2017 Zjabs - 3/5/17

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