Enlisting my Liberal Friends

As we all know, Zjabs rails against the post office. It's run terribly, and its price increases fly in the face of sound business decisions. (Oh what Zjabs would give to be on the committee that 'grills' the postmaster general on rate hikes- he'd have that man in tears in five minutes, blubbering 'you're right, we are foolish...' Alas, there isn't much 'grilling' that goes on as they seem to just rubber stamp an increase annually instead of saying 'no, slash rates and make it work')

But he was thinking- why aren't the progressives up in arms?

Zjabs has purchased maybe two money orders in his life. He has a checking account so he can simply pay that way. He has done no studies, but it seems logical that the poor who don't have checking accounts are more likely to use that service. So if a money order increases in cost by a nickel...that doesn't affect Zjabs at all but it does affect someone who uses money orders.

Similarly, I suspect that the poor are more likely to use the mail- paying bills by sending them in as they are less likely to have 1)a computer and 2) a checking account to draw the money from. So an increase in costs of postage hit the poor harder than they do the rich.

That sounds like (gasp) a regressive tax- which is what the left always screams about when things like sales tax go up....so why aren't they at the forefront, arm in arm with Zjabs, screaming about the post office hiking rates? It seems to be the perfect issue for them, and maybe, just maybe, with some pressure, we can get a cap on the increases (when Zjabs started mailing items for his business, you could go to the post office and mail a flat rate envelope for $3.20. Now if you do that, it costs $6.65. That's more than double in under twenty years. He forgets exactly when he started selling- but let's say 1997- using an inflation calculator, it should be $4.78 for priority. But they've received much more than that- and there is no outcry from anyone? (Other than Zjabs of course).

Sad that the left has fallen asleep on this issue. But count on Zjabs to keep on top of it, as he actually cares about the poor instead of just using them when it's convenient as window dressing.

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

© 2017 Zjabs - 2/26/17

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