Zjabs spoke up...and was ignored yet again

The USPS continues its descent into irrelevance, helped by its inane decisions to continue raising prices in the face of less demand.

Of course this prior January, they again raised prices.

I forget the exact amount they went up as a percentage- but it was something like 3.2% or something.

But what got Zjabs angered was how they presented it. They specifically said a 'modest' increase was asked for.


The state negotiated a contract with Zjabs this past fall. it did not have a 'modest' increase- it had an increase of 2% which is less than expected inflation- so in other words, Zjabs falls further behind (and it was a four year deal so Zjabs will be worse off at the end of the contract than he was at the beginning of it if the expected happens- par for the course).

Zjabs did write the regulatory commission (and got the cursory 'thank you for your input' email back which was then promptly ignored).

It's sad how the post office continues to raise rates above the rate of inflation and then has the gall to call it 'modest'- it frightens me to think what the 'immodest' increase they really wanted would be.

Let's hope Trump can stand up to the post office and say 'dummies- you're losing business- lower your prices...' as any smart businessman knows to do.

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

© 2017 Zjabs - 2/24/17

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