Desert Island

While in Seattle, Johnny X got all 'if you were on a desert island...' with Zjabs.

He asked if you could have only one TYPE (ie- genre) of food, what would it be.

Zjabs came out with Thai. Johnny being a goombah took Italian but admitted that Thai was a nice choice as there was such variety (Zjabs jokingly said 'Scottish' first).

he then said 'and you can have three go-to meals on top of that'

Zjabs took BLT, pumpkin pie and grilled cheese with tomato soup- can't go wrong with any of those three choices.

He then said 'what if you could meet anyone in history'

Zjabs of course said 'Jesus Christ' to which Johnny said 'but what if he turns out to be a fraud.'

Zjabs replied 'all the better'

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

© 2016 Zjabs - 2/22/17

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