Rush Limbaugh ....Yet ANOTHER Radio Stunt

Rush Limbaugh is all over the news for his latest radio stunt (verbally attacking a college student- calling her a slut, suggesting she post sex videos on the web for us all to see- you can google it if you don't know about it).

First, an aside- I find it interesting that Zjabs makes one funny sexual comment, and he's boycotted.  Rush makes several unfunny comments of a sexual nature, and....crickets.....  If I didn't know better, I'd swear certain incredibly wealthy people have an agenda...

That being said, I did find one part of Rush's comments interesting-

He was commenting that she wanted to get paid to have sex, which made her a slut (don't even try to figure out the logic- the girl wants the government to force employers to pay for health care that provides contraceptives.  Just because a woman has contraceptives doesn't mean that she's having sex- some women take the pill to regulate their periods.  So I don't see where she's getting paid to have sex, but in Rush-world, it's logic.  For the record, I am opposed to making health insurers cover ANYTHING unless a given person or group hammers out a contract with them- I have no problem with a la carte coverage).

But then he got really wacky- he said that we were paying her to have sex (as we were the taxpayers) which made us pimps., if what he says were true, we'd be 'johns.'  See Rush, words have meaning.  If we took a portion of the money that she earned from having sex away from her- THEN we'd be pimps.

I often wonder if he even listens to what he says.

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

© 2012 Zjabs - 3/4/12

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