Unfortunately he fell asleep in journalism school
by Zjabs

# 1. 3/13/17 7:01 AM by Rick
The people assigned to social media (and websites) are not gifted writers. I think the attitude is the same as fast food. Get the story out first and fast and forget about the quality of the product because it's gone in ten seconds.

If you want to drive yourself crazy, watch for typos. The only people worse than social media reporters are the people who type in the information for TV crawlers or those nifty information pieces behind weathermen.

Editor's Note: Honest question- is the closed captioning typed or a computer? I suspect computer as some of the mistakes I've seen, I can't imagine a human making? Then again, I can't imagine a human making millions of dollars as the head of an international power company not having spent enough on maintenance of the grid, so....there are a lot of stupid things humans do (had to get a dig in)

# 2. 3/13/17 11:34 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater
In my opinion, Zjabs insight sends a tingle up my leg and a warm, moist sensation down my leg and into my shoe, as detected by my toes that reside within that shoe. Tom, just the facts Tom

# 3. 3/13/17 12:15 PM by lj - mm
thumbsup.gif Unfortunately, his information, WAS UNBELIEVABLE...

Sean Spicer???

Editor's Note: He's still trying to figure out what it's like to work for a bigot (wasn't that what someone asked him)

# 4. 3/13/17 3:07 PM by Rick
Closed captioning is embedded in the television signal and becomes visible when you use a special decoder, either as a separate appliance or built into a television set. I use CC during British films because, for some reason, that accent sounds like mumbling to me. I notice mistakes mostly when there are compound words or some tech or medical word that the computer might not pick up.

Nothing is perfect, Z. At least not in the real world. Hey, thanks for reading my column. I hope the artistic similies weren't too much for your Vulcan system to handle.

Editor's Note: You kind of lost me when you referenced the wind, saying "like God's breath when blowing out birthday candles". I would have said "like a good fart the morning after a case of PBR" but hey, you've got your audience and I have mine.

# 5. 3/13/17 6:23 PM by Rick
Wait, slow down. Let me write this down. like ... God's... breath... when... blowing... out... birthday... candles

Got it.

Editor's Note: Okay, that made me chuckle. Well played sir.

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