Fake News is easy to find
by Zjabs

# 1. 3/12/17 5:15 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater
Fewer and fewer people believe that "there is no such thing as a free lunch." And, not at all out of character, it is THE GOVERNMENT who gives out Free Lunches... in exchange for votes to keep them entrenched. The only thing that has changes is that (some) citizens feel their vote is worth a few sandwiches, rather than the bottle of booze that used to get them to the polls. Politicians and bureaucrats are snakes... and (the majority of?) citizens are willing to sell their souls... CHEAP! Tom, viewing from the vulture seat Tom

Editor's Note: As with most stories- and I mean from the right or the left- it doesn't matter- you get PART of the story. And most people just eat it up, believing what they read (or at least don't take the time to be critical of it). If you take the time to think, you say "hey..." which then calls into question other things that may have been said by that source.

# 2. 3/12/17 6:25 AM by 104
The Devil is ALWAYS in the details! Damn details! The press always purports to be the experts when it comes to everything they report. The fact of the matter always seems to be they always seem to know the very least about everything. On topics which I am very familiar with, the reporting done by the press always seems to be VERY inadequate and actually ignorant. Yet they arrogantly profess to be the "experts". They probably find it hard to distinguish betwixt fact and fiction in their reportage. The average person who reads their drivel always seems to say "It MUST be true. It said so in the paper!". And therein lies the main fallacy that leads to the acceptance of "fake news". Millennial Snowflakes!

Editor's Note: Yep, I've heard that many times- years ago the Times did a story about a subject I am an expert in...and I found it to be about 60% accurate- it was never TECHNICALLY wrong but it was misleading (but in that case it was more out of ignorance than malice). I've talked with others who have similar feelings with other outlets on areas they are an expert in. Yet we take their stories as the gospel truth on other items?

# 3. 3/12/17 7:19 AM by 104
You find reporters' accuracy rate on "stories" as high as 60%? My own experience more like 30%, especially on subjects that I am VERY familiar with. Kodak was a big "victim" when it came to "fake news" locally. Some news articles a full 180 degrees opposite! Just to see how far I could push the envelope once, I was the one who "instigated" the "theory" that "Fast Ferry" would NOT fit back thru the locks at the St. Lawrence Seaway if sold to Australia and delivery could NOT be made furthering the "boondoggle" aspect of the whole Fast Ferry deal. I came up with the theory that since the Fast Ferry had a hull made of aluminum, it had "stretched" due to the constant pounding of the Lake Ontario waters during the time it was in use in Rochester. When it was flaoted to Rochester upon its completion, it barey fit thru the locks. "Evidence" of such said facts was reported by me to Bob Lonsberry, who repeated it in his column and on the radio. The deal was finalized to sell it. Imagine the shock when a friend of mine who knew of my scam called me one morning after breakfast and said that Bob just reported on his radio show that Rochester politicians were sending an entourage to the locks prior to finalizing the deal to traverse the locks whose mission was to measure the locks just to be sure! I literally fell off my chair! Once it was "confirmed" that the ferry would indeed fit, the Fast Ferry set sail for the St Lawrence locks! At leasts our politicians were spared any further embarrassment regarding our notorious Fast Ferry!

Editor's Note: Well, I'm taking the story as a whole. So let's say it's about baseball- and it starts "baseball is a game played with nine people on a side.." that's factually accurate. Not germane to the story but still, factually accurate. So I'm giving them every benefit of the doubt.

# 4. 3/12/17 7:47 AM
Total words to dilute the story. "To make a short story long" as opposed "to make a long story short". The worst monetary rewards for "writing" are the "magazine articles" paying 3 cents a word to hungry writers. Lose 10 bucks an hour but make it up in volume (Valium). Saw a sign at Burger King yesterday - "Work at Burger King! Earn $10.72 an hour to start!". Not really too bad for flipping burgers or dunking fries! I have owned multiple "businesses" in the past. Ask me how often I made MORE than 50 cents an hour for the time and effort put in. Or whether my employees were working for me or whether I was working for them!

Editor's Note: I did a column a while ago (synergy) about what the owner of a Subway makes- at $15 an hour minimum- the worker makes more than the owner and has no liabilities or obligations (and that's on an annual basis- the worker of course works fewer hours than the owner as well)

# 5. 3/12/17 8:18 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater
Regarding both sides, I agree completely. It amuses and exasperates me that many/most friends seem to lose their minds when it comes to things political. Otherwise thoughtful, logical people turn themselves inside-out to "argue" contorted rationalizations... just to support some self-interest. That's me too, like when I rail against "Light Pollution"... because YOUR damned street light dims MY stars. Of course, I'm RIGHT on that one, and nearly everyone else is an a-hole. Tom, wondering why other people are so stupid, Tom

Editor's Note: Actually, I doubt the stars are any "dimmer" due to my light pollution- I suspect they stay the same brightness but rather from our perception they seem dimmer. And with that statement, I lost any chance to work with the Times (unless of course I'm wrong in which case they will be knocking down my door)

# 6. 3/12/17 8:48 AM by Nick
I don't have a problem with your conclusions. Yet you choose to ignore the adverse effect on NYS taxpayers being forced to "pony up" in order to cover your health insurance, pension, benefits, and bloated salary. Funny isn't it that when Zjabs benefits, Zjabs remains silent.

Editor's Note: And you choose to ignore the adverse effect on the state that would occur if the taxpayers saddled the state worker with not only low wages but ALSO paid nothing toward health insurance or pension (not sure what other benefits you're discussing- disability insurance? Oh right, the state exempted itself so I don't have statutory disability while the private sector does...why do you have to remind me- yet another sacrifice I make for the greater good). The jobs are tough enough to fill to start with- and now you want to give us no pension and pay nothing toward our health insurance. Interesting. And again, write your legislator to negotiate that in the next contract- I have no problem with that being written into a tentative contract. And I will then vote against the contract which is the rights of both parties. And as I've said before, I simply ask for a wage of a private sector employee like LeBron James which seems reasonable to me- notice he isn't making that kind of money collecting tolls or cleaning up vomit at a SUNY school. He chooses to be selfish rather than being a public servant like Zjabs. And that's why he's never won HOTY.

# 7. 3/12/17 9:35 AM by Rick
Since the windstorm, I've had very limited access to news. Know what? My stress level has gone way down. If Trump does something stupid, I might hear about it tomorrow.

We created fake news with our need to watch or read about news 24/7.

Here's what we need to do: readjust our BS meters, unplug TV and the internet and recognize that there is little we can change. The swamp hasn't been drained, America has always been great, and while newspapers do try to report stories, their first priority is to their stockholders, not you and me.

Editor's Note: Re your last statement- in general that's probably true (there may be some free weeklies or vanity papers who actually do try to do some reporting)- BUT what gets me is that the various outlets don't admit that- rather they get on their soapboxes about how important journalism and the First Amendment are to this country and to questioning the leaders and holding the powerful accountable etc etc- and sadly it's all lip service as Zjabs points out regularly.

# 8. 3/12/17 9:58 AM by Rick
Why do you let it bother you? I read three newspapers online: the D&C, The NY Times and the Wall Street Journal. I don't view any of them as gospel. Trump fabricated the term fake news to cast doubt on actual news. It's his defense mechanism. If I say a bunch of trees fell down in my backyard, that's not news, that's a fact. It's boring, but it's factual.

Point of view news is just that. It's embellished facts, kind of like a bunch of guys hanging out over beers telling fishing stories.

I don't stress it and it doesn't bother me. News today is as permanent as a tweet.

Editor's Note: Why do I let it bother me? Well a few reasons- first, ever try ranting on daily basis? You need subject material. Second, I hate the high and mighty, having come up from nothing. So when someone tries to pee on me and call it rain, I call BS. And getting on your high horse, telling us what an important role you play...well, then play the important role. You cannot tell me there isn't corruption in local government or state government to ferret out? Bill Nojay was apparently up to all kinds of shenanigans..yet nothing came out til AFTER his passing?

# 9. 3/12/17 11:04 AM by Rick
There have always been high and mighty people. I don't hate them, I ignore them.

As for Bill Nojay - do you honestly think he's the only one? There are thousands of Bill Nojay's. There always has been. Outside of burning the whole thing down, that will always be the way.

Here's an aside. I had a lot of trees blow down - too many to even consider doing myself. I had two estimates from reputable companies. One was more than twice the other one. Was the higher guy greedy? Yes. Was he taking advantage of a situation? Probably. I can't stop his greed, but I don't have to finance it. Do I care that he overcharges other people? Not a lot. It's up to them to do due diligence and shop around. I can't cure stupid.

Editor's Note: Regarding Bill Nojay- no I don't think he's the only one. Which then raises the question- what exactly are the newspapers and TV stations doing? Which is more important for the community- an article on a car wash fund raiser to cure lupus after the fact OR an expose of a local corrupt politician? I think the latter is more important but the former is what they choose to do.

# 10. 3/12/17 12:28 PM by 104
Comment #9 - There, but for the grace of God, go I! Almost every one of my very admired "successful" contemporaries, either went to jail, or almost did. Not necessarily bad, but had LOTS of enemies along the way! As did I. At least I had scruples, or the remnants thereof. And the wisdom to call them to the forefront of my conscience.

# 11. 3/12/17 1:27 PM by Rick
Nojay has been exposed, right? Now it's only a matter of presenting the details. I don't think there's a huge urgency since the man is dead, but the Khmer Times in Cambodia did run a story: http://www.khmertimeskh.com/news/26741/ex-us-ambassador-to-un-in-fraud-case/

So now we know the truth - Zjabs is pro-Lupus and anti car washes. Oh man, this deserves a D&C expose.

Editor's Note: I said I was pro-lupus years ago (when Johnny X and I got stopped by some college student wanting a signature on a petition for funding for lupus or some such good cause and I said "no I'm for lupus" and kept walking). And why does Cambodia have to do an expose and the D&C never whispered a word prior to his death? It's easy to expose after the fact- I thought the newspapers were high and mighty claiming they were so important to democracy- that means digging and finding out the story PRIOR to his demise and breaking the story. That's what they TELL us they do...yet their actions speak otherwise. It's hard work to do investigative reporting- it's easy to take a picture at a car wash...oddly they do the easy job and waste money on full color pictures to boot.

# 12. 3/12/17 2:28 PM by 104
Some folks could be considered pro-cancer. To purge the gene pool. What makes anyone think a "petition" would go very far to eliminate lupus?

Editor's Note: I think it was to get funding or some such nonsense.

# 13. 3/12/17 4:33 PM by 104
Fund my arse!

# 14. 3/12/17 7:49 PM by Jim - Rochester
I define "fake News" as that which refutes my prejudices.

Editor's Note: Much as I define "rich" as anyone making a dollar more than me. Which pretty much entails everyone. Write your legislator.

# 15. 3/13/17 8:56 AM by Pathetic hateful little man - AKA Growel E. Bayher
Fake news or propaganda?

I, for one, will not be part of the silent majority largely responsible for the mess we are in today. Nor will I ignore, as a matter of personal comfort, that which is controversial, and reject the idea that consideration of those topics does nothing more than increase stress levels.

Call me an angry old man(delete the old,though :-)) if you wish, but I am not going to accept the premise that change cannot be effected.

To sit idly by and do nothing might be analogous to watching RG&#E poles topple in the wind with a ho-hum smile on my face.

Am I able to effect change? Don't know, but I'm not about to give up trying. NEVER!

Editor's Note: Rick sits out front and eats popcorn as he watches the poles fall down, saying "hey, RGE does a good job..."

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