Although I oppose taxes in general
by Zjabs

# 1. 3/11/17 5:40 AM by 104
There is not supposed to be sales tax on "necessities" like food. The other day as I was approaching the checkout, I was mumbling to my self about the fact that there was sales tax on the toilet paper. A "luxury"? Sometimes more "necessary" than food. With food, you can skip a meal or even a day. Try skipping a good wipe here and there.

# 2. 3/11/17 6:15 AM by Nick
Oh, this time YOU'RE asked to contact your legislator and suddenly it's a problem.

Editor's Note: I don't want to mislead my legislator with falsehoods like "this will affect me" as it won't affect any honest person in New York State (as we all pay every penny due). If I start sending him letters filled with untruths, then he will question the very real truth that I deserve a massive raise so I get a living wage. I only desire what private sector workers get- like Lebron James or Mark Zuckerberg. I'm not being greedy- just realizing I do more important work than someone who can dunk a basketball or someone who can let you "like" your neighbor's kid's terrible rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and should be compensated as such.

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