Hermey Wants to be a Dentist
by Zjabs

# 1. 3/20/17 6:26 AM by 104
Hollywood. $1000 designer sunglasses and $2000 handbags next.

Editor's Note: Sadly I'm not getting the giant white caps. They were all out cuz Tony Robbins came to town recently and bought them all.

# 2. 3/20/17 7:06 AM by 104
A very wealthy friend of mine had his whole mouth done with implants 20 years ago when the procedure was still very new - $30,000. Looked like it was well worth it. My teeth are about shot and I am saving up the bux to get whole mouth implants. Now only about half what they used to be. I had 4 eye surgeries done including detached retina. I once axed the eye surgeon why the dentist always murders us whereas there was zero pain with the eye surgeries. The whole key was the anesthesiologist. Folks these days can have surgical anesthesiologist for dental work for $600 bux a pop.

# 3. 3/20/17 10:54 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater
So, will Zjabs be featured in one of those commercials? Sitting in the office chair, holds vanity mirror up to his mug, pensively smiles/GRINS... bursts into tears of Joy Spring?! Then spends the rest of his life beaming like a Jack-O'-Lantern with uncharacteristically perfect teeth. I'm happy for Zjabs. My teeth are quite good for my age, but not white enough. So far, I have borne the humiliation with dignity. Tom, handicapped survivor, heroically bucking up Tom

Editor's Note: If they gave me the procedure for free, they can use my photo all they want in their advertising brochure- Huckster Zjabs

# 4. 3/20/17 1:48 PM by JERry RYan
I wish I had your courage. I'm gonna follow your story although all stories about dentists terrify me...the remnants of childhood ether I suppose.

Editor's Note: For some reason dentists don't bother me. Actually nothing medically does as I can disassociate myself from the procedures- I actually watch them draw blood etc (watch the needle go in) and say "man..that sucks for that guy...." as I am no longer in body as it's being done to me. Weird but it works.

# 5. 3/20/17 4:10 PM by Nick
And you probably didn't even get angry at the kid that hit your bike and caused the accident. Did you win the JUNIOR HOTY Award that year?

Editor's Note: Actually, you're right, I didn't. Hey, you have my contact info, drop me an email, I have a question for you that I would like not to be on here. Thanks

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