Rocking it like I was 11
by Zjabs

# 1. 3/19/17 6:27 AM by 104
I have met a lot of Mr. A Wholes in my life. They always act tough except when met with challenges they do not and will not ever understand. And then they back down and shrink into their own dark little wholes. I have stood up to them all, expecting the worst. But to my surprise, they scamper away like weasels and crawl into there insignificant little wholes. Just when I have mustered up the raw nerve to challenge and defeat them. A Wholes are their own worst enemas. They always seem to have something to prove. I never do. I proved everything to myself about life a lomg time ago. Once I was physically cornered helplessly by a couple of A Wholes. unable to physically overcome them, I simply turned the other cheek. And braced for the worst. As I closed my eyes waiting to be brutally punished, they both scampered away. and I was the one who was "disappointed". I was ready for a real knock down drag out fight of my life, and they deprived me of it. I was angry and puzzled. And to this day I still am.

# 2. 3/19/17 6:38 AM by Nick
What can you do, you not only gave him fair warning but you were also courteous enough to inform him of the exact amount you'd be seeking. Being nice just doesn't work with some people...

Editor's Note: Tell me about it. Though I'd feel bad taking his life savings (and this is no joke, he honestly is a state worker. That's too funny actually)

# 3. 3/19/17 6:58 AM by 104
If your A Whole friend keeps misbehavin' he will not only lose his life savings but his freedom too.

# 4. 3/19/17 7:02 AM by Nick
That is so bizarre. My comment was gonna be that him having $2 must mean he worked in the public sector because if he worked in the private sector he'd have something like two CENTS. I decided on a different comment for fear that your readers might be tiring of the public sector/private sector bit....

Editor's Note: How can anyone tire of that? Notice Robin Leach never had a state workers house on his show...odd...Guess refrigerator boxes don't photograph well?

# 5. 3/19/17 7:57 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater
A guy who's still like that in his 50s is about four decades late on the growing-up phase of life. There was a guy like that where I worked, always threatening to beat someone up for some imaginary slight and thought everybody was talking negatively about him, behind his back. Which was not the case; people could care less. It eventually became self-fulfilling as he nurtured his reputation as an a-hole. He also was livid at anyone getting ahead, took it as a personal put-down, just to make him look inadequate. Even That was self-fulfilling; management avoided him for being ... Overly-Sensitive! Tom, cool, calm, superior and collected Tom

# 6. 3/20/17 8:15 AM by Mark - Greece
Should you accidentally run into mr 'A' take every caution not to instinctively swing that 12-pound travel mug of coffee at him. Remember, the state made you register the serial number when it issued it to you!

Editor's Note: Good point. Coffee mugs don't kill people....

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