by Zjabs

# 1. 3/17/17 1:44 AM by Tom Thomas - Rochester,NY
What in hell is a a swirlee?

Editor's Note: When they take you to the bathroom, and then dunk your head in the toilet as they flush it. Good times good times.

# 2. 3/17/17 7:02 AM by 104
What be proper "swirlee" etiquette? Flush first or after?

Editor's Note: I think after.

# 3. 3/17/17 7:58 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater
I missed that stuff... but the girls would gang up on me and give me hickeys. I did not resist. Tom, he wants it Tom

# 4. 3/17/17 8:53 AM by Pathetic hateful little man - AKA Growel E. Bayher
Re: the swirlee.

"But I did not inhale!"

# 5. 3/17/17 2:51 PM by Nick
A noogie falls under the category of common knowledge. There's a different word called a "noddie" which originated post-David Carradine.

Editor's Note: Too soon.

# 6. 3/18/17 6:06 AM by 104
David Carradine, the guru of "terminal sex"! What a way to go.

# 7. 3/18/17 6:33 AM by 104
I coulda told y'all Carradine was kinda weird the way he acted in "Kung Fu". Grasshopper? Maybe peyote too!

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