In Which I out Rick as actually being AC

To Rick:

Hey, thanks for playing along a couple of days ago. You played the hippie part perfectly- 'who cares's all about them trying hard man....we have to live off the land prepared man...' while I played the part of Red on that 70s Show to a T. We should take this show on the road, though you may need to be a little less mellow about things as at this point no one in the audience would believe you were so laissez-faire about an epic failure. But maybe that's what makes it so entertaining- you're obviously playing a character (somehow I think in your past life, had a craftsman provided results on par with RGE's, they'd not be working on a second job...)

Anyway, when I retire, I see a lucrative future endeavor.

(Half of Rochester's Successful Comedy Team)- Zjabs


Now for those of you wondering what I mean by the column title today....notice that right after AC left...this character 'Rick' suddenly appeared?

I never thought anything of it...UNTIL one of the responses to my award-winning column of the other day- basically the comment that I should get a generator to be prepared.

This is eerily close to AC's comment (rightfully lampooned as misguided) that I shouldn't outsource things but should rather do everything myself.

It looks like AC has become Rick and proposes the same ridiculous idea in a slightly different form.

Yes're right of course. I should be prepared and have a generator. I should also grow all of my own food. I should mine my own ore, refine it and build my own car as well as drilling my own oil and making gasoline out of it for the car.

Hey, I remember a couple of years ago, there was a shortage of flu shots- who knows what other medicines may be in short supply so of course I need to have my own lab in the basement to make medicine- and if I don't and a family member dies due to a shortage of medicine...that's on me for not 'being prepared.'

Sorry AC-Rick, I didn't buy it then and I don't buy it now. Outsourcing is good as any economics class will teach you. And expecting results from a company you pay is not 'outrageous'

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

© 2017 Zjabs - 4/14/17

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