In the Immortal Words of Ted DiBiase...

Who of course is the Million Dollar Man in wrestling...he said 'everyone has his price.'

He's correct of course in most endeavors.

I thought of this when I saw the recent kerfuffle with United.

They needed four volunteers to give up their seats on a flight to Louisville. Give me a cup of coffee and I'll gladly not go to Louisville (and this from someone living in Rochester). However, for some reason the entire flight wanted to go there.

So the airlines offered $400 and a hotel for the night to rebook people in the morning.

They still needed four volunteers.

So they offered $800 and a hotel for the night to rebook people in the morning (the articles I read didn't mention it but I suspect they also offered food vouchers as that is standard).

They still needed four volunteers.

So as is their right by the contract that you agree to (probably unwittingly), they randomly pulled four people off the flight (I do wonder if there is any guidance there- what if they took a mom off who was flying with a three year old or vice versa- would they try to get BOTH the mom and the three year old off the plane? I could see problems if they didn't)

One person didn't take too kindly to it, to the point that the airport police had to come and drag him off the plane.

It's been a public relations nightmare for United (and I suspect sometime soon Chuck Schumer will talk about the need for an expanded bill of rights for passengers).

Which made me think- at what price would people have volunteered to leave the plane? Say they offered $2000 (and the food voucher, rebooking and a hotel) per person. I'm sure a few people would suddenly have said 'you know, Aunt Matilda will still be dead tomorrow...' or 'My boss doesn't really need me to fill out football parleys in the off-season' or 'I can cut my vacation one day short... and then be able to take another vacation...'

So four people times $1200 (the amount of additional compensation offered per person) would be $4800.

Think United will spend more than that trying to unwind the damage done?

It would have been money well spent. Everyone has a price.

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

© 2017 Zjabs - 4/13/17

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