Zjabs has a screw loose

I'm certain that's not a breaking news story.

Zjabs recounted his ongoing experiences with dental surgery a while back.

Recently, Zjabs was laying down to sleep when he noticed one of the anchors felt a little weird. He made a mental note to mention this to the dentist.

He woke up during the night to the screw/anchor being in his mouth- it had come out. Somehow Zjabs didn't swallow it.

He called the dentist the next morning and they said he had to come over.

Zjabs was all worried about what had happened- Would they have to redrill?

He got there and they said 'oh it just got unscrewed, that happens regularly.' They then put it back in and tightened all three anchors down.

Not for nothing, that MIGHT be the kind of thing you warn a patient about if it's common.

Just musin'

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

© 2017 Zjabs - 4/17/17

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