Breaking News- Zjabs boss listens to him!

Okay, actually to be factually (see, poetry- I know I'm not a real writer, but hey, it's worth a try...what rhymes with 'shards of ice glimmering on the aged limbs of timber hanging precariously over the abode like a hulking monster of children's dreams set to crush those within....') accurate, my boss obviously READS me- but hey, about time someone else picked up the baton.

Governor Cuomo is questioning RGE and their actions before, during and after the recent windstorm. About time. How about a 'finder's fee' of sorts to Zjabs for being the first to bring it up- 10% is standard so whatever they're fined, send 10% Zjabs' way.

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

© 2017 Zjabs - 3/12/17

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