Uber is an ride-sharing app. It is very popular among younger people- you can hail a ride right from your smart-phone and have your credit card billed.

It does not operate everywhere though- for example, it is not available in Zimbabwe, Syria, North Korea or Rochester.

The established industry (taxis) are fighting hard to keep Uber out of upstate New York.

However, one part of their reasoning doesn't sway Zjabs- they say it will harm their market. Um, okay. So Zjabs should be able to prohibit others from listing books and magazines on eBay as if they do so, it could harm Zjabs' market? Um, no. That's not how capitalism works.

That being said, there are potential issues with liability- if you drive Uber but don't tell your insurance company, can a claim be denied (as you are using the car for commercial purposes)? Similarly, what if the driver is hurt- does he fall within the workers' compensation system?

Zjabs hates government programs and added costs- but here's a simple solution- create a fund. Add a 5% surcharge (or a dollar or whatever) onto each Uber ride- and that money is collected by Uber and deposited into a fund that covers liability and workers' compensation for the drivers.

Problem solved- we're all safe and can get our rides as we desire.

-Zjabs (Rochester's Official Columnist)

© 2017 Zjabs - 3/15/17

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