by Moe Dey

# 1. 3/15/17 6:00 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater
That's Cool!... as our childhood friend Maureen Cooper, would say. My vintage stuff is all gone. Did you just remember it from back then? Come to think of it, my poem "Palomar" is from high school... Yep, an astronomy poem. I formatted it on a typewriter so that the text formed the silhouette of the observatory dome. I should look for that! Tommy

Editor's Note: Yes, I remember quite a few old poems that I don't have written down. Look for Palomar! The guy in my poem was an old black dude who I often saw walking down West Avenue. He wore a brimmed hat and looked like the quintessential bum. I liked to imagine that he was a WWII vet and lost his leg in heroic circumstances.

# 2. 3/15/17 7:54 PM by lj - mm
thumbsup.gif Thank you for posting this short poem/prose...

Food for thought from the past,

our childhoods???

When we were young, and innocent...axm

Editor's Note: Young and innocent was good. Old and innocent works too!

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