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# 1. 2/25/17 7:22 PM by Sam
I read the article and comments (I'm sure they put the kid over the edge if he read them). It's scary to think that these snowflakes are our future.....what will they ever do when confronted with a real problem/situation. Thanks for the heads-up on this story.

Editor's Note: Thanks for the read!

# 2. 2/26/17 7:25 AM by 104
I have nothing against gays, no or do I either encourage or discourage any "lifestyle". And the culture that I was brought up in in can be summed up as one of "live and let live". I always figured my father to be an "Archie Bunker" of sorts. But in his later years I really got to know him a lot better than I knew him a a kid. And what I learned was that he was far more "tolerant" than I could have EVER imagined. Much more "tolerant" than me. And I am an extremely "tolerant" person in all aspects. Gender variations, politics, religion, and many other aspects of life much too numerous to mention. I have been a "Trump supporter" from the very beginnings of his rise. More than simply a "Trump supporter", a supporter of time proven American "values". The REAL problem with tolerance in our world today is the true LACK of tolerance by the so-called "oppressed". That lack of tolerance dis-unifies us a a culture and a country. And the chasm that separates us is magnified by ignorance. So-called oppressed people want much more than to be "equal". They want special treatment and a "privilege" of their own. They want to be considered better than all the others - not just EQUAL. My message to them is this: You will enjoy well earned respect AND a sense of sincere privilege if you will start to think outside of that "box" you have built around yourselves. And you will begin to enjoy a REAL life beyond all expectations. And you will begin to truly "grow" just as President Donald J. Trump has. Try it! You'll like it! What the heck, seems like you have tried everything else! Almost everything "imaginable" and even stuff far beyond most of our imaginations too.

Editor's Note: Thanks for the excellent comment. Couldn't agree more. Ia AMAZES me - the self-blindness of the "tolerance"-demanding crowd is as scary as anything they can possibly concoct the other way. You are totally correct, they want all animals to be equal, only some animals are more equal than others. Special treatments for THEM, because of who and what they are , are INDIGNANTLY DEMANDED, but, if the same standard is applied to those not like them, it is the end of the world, with as many Hitler references as they can misuse. I t wold be comical if it wasn't so glaringly SAD. Thanks 104.

# 3. 2/26/17 8:37 AM by 104
Had to clear my recent comments with "amnesiac" (condescending ex-teacher) (fully accredited by New York State Board of Regents as a "Doctor Of Condescension"). He is Honorary Minister of New York SP (Spelling Police) and also CP (Comment Police). I am currently writing a new ballad known as "The Snowflakes' Blues" formerly titled "The *********** Blues", originally written by Mick Jagger. Lots of fake news lately by CNN ("*********** News Network", formerly "Clinton News Network". Bill (Bubba) insisted the new name was much more descriptive as did friend (fiend) Monica.

Editor's Note: Nice! Can't wait to hear it. I will go look up Mick's version. SOunds entirely appropriate, if I can still read my asterisks right. The fake news is turning even MORE crazy, with sins of OMISSION almost eclipsing the sins of COMMISSION. All the column inches devoted to ridiculous open-ended questions ( Will Trump issue an executive order to kill YOUR Grandma?") is every inch they do not cover actual news which journalists used to before they jettisoned principles and fact for blind emotion. I woke up dis monin with BS blues on my shoes...... Thanks

# 4. 2/26/17 9:55 AM by 104
Mick Jagger song mentioned on YouTube and an unreleased song titled "Criss Cross Man". I had heard about "********** Blues" a long time ago but only Googled and YouTubed the song a few minutes ago. Funny.

Editor's Note: Nice, thank you. I am on it. Thanks for the heads up!

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