President Donald J. Trump's "War Of Opportunity"

A War Totally Devoid Of Collateral Damage

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Donald J. Trump is sitting in the 'catbird seat'.

Imagine prosecuting a war without 'collateral damage'.

Heads, you win! Tails, you don't lose!

Even Adolf Hitler did not have the luxury.

That is EXACTLY the case in North Korea.

A warmonger's dream!

A 'War College' ideal scenario.

The fix is in! And China knows it! So does Vladimir Putin! And the whole rest of the world!

The 'Donald' has done it again!

You see, North Korea is TOTALLY MILITARY!

Everyone who lives there is a legitimate part of the military.

And when it comes to the military in war, ALL IS FAIR!

A war that is 100%!

No 'women and children' guilt trip!

My message to Kim?

All bets are off the table! You lose!

The Donald is running the table on this one!


© 2017 104 - 4/15/17

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