Kim Jung Un's Easter Message To His Countrymen: "At Dawn We March Into Infamy!"

Go Get 'Em Horseball!

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History's ultimate battle begins at dawn - Pyongyang time!

When Kim Un Dung Ball leads his fellow North Koreans into their 'Battle Of Armageddon'!

Like General George Patton once said to his troops: (paraphrased) 'Your goal is NOT to die for your country!'. 'It is to get the enema to die for HIS country!'.

Kim Jung is truly a modern enema! Good for flushing out crap and nothing else!

This afternoon I spoke with a Korean War Veteran.

And we both concurred that the sooner Kim goes, the better our world will become.

And he didn't mince words. He said that the sooner they kill that son of a bitch, the better.

No euphemisms. No 'buzz words'. No 'politically correct' bullcrap.

He came right out and said 'KILL'.

But he did backtrack just a little bit.

He did say that it is too bad for all the civilians there that are going to die.

And I responded that it was too darn bad - that crap has been going on for a long time!

And besides, in North Korea, they are ALL in the military.

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