Get the Goat

First let me post the comment: 'I predict you'll use your free trial membership to soapbox your far right wing theories and then vanish.'

This was the first comment posted to my first article on WOTL. 'Socialism to Communism' I wrote a few days ago. I must give kudos to the writer. They did a good job in conveying many emotions and accusations all within a short sentence.

1 These are the thoughts that went through my head when I read the comment. 'oh great a moderator trying to get me to sign up for the service by pretending to be a general public person.

2 Then I thought no this is someone who really did not read the article and saw just a small portion of it and wanted to start something just to feel good about themselves.

3 Then I Thought OMG it is one of the students doing exactly what happen on campus with the Trump shirt and it made them so mad they could not do anything but judge something without knowing the facts.

4 Then I thought he hates America so much that he or she for that matter wanted me to leave the site and not post again. This would allow them to live in a world in which he or she destroyed the demon who haunts their dreams.

Now comes the dilemma! If I post this article and leave after the free trial is up, this person will proudly stand up in front of the mirror and pronounce to the world 'I am GOD' because he or she made someone leave a website that allows others to post views not inline with their views.

OR I do sign up and continue to post articles that will present my views and experiences to people who are trying to do good in life by presenting their own views.

So this is what I will do! You will just have to wait and see what will happen at the end of the free trial. This is called a cliff hanger and you will have to come back next time when the answers to your prayers will be inline with your hopes and dreams of world domination.

© 2016 Russell Mayes - 4/20/16

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