Get the Goat
by Russell Mayes

# 1. 4/20/16 10:43 PM by albert 1
thumbsup.gif I hope you do stay on as a paid subscriber. I don't know if you have monitored this site at all but you will soon realize that if you observe a little decorum you can write freer here than any other site I have ever been aware of.

I have noticed your lack of counter responses that in my opinion are not necessary since this is a writers site rather than the debate forum many assume it to be.

We used to have many more participants here that were not afraid to tell it like they see it.

Now the few writers remaining that choose to post columns seem fearful of dealing with controversial subjects.

Given the current state of the Primary and divisions in both major parties it is hard to comprehend why no one wants to deal with politics or associated Conservative-Liberal controversies.

Perhaps you will continue despite not getting a significant positive response to your ideas and perhaps you might even welcome negative responses.

Time will tell

Editor's Note: One thing I have learned, there are 7 billion people on the planet and everyone has their own views and ideas. Granted I hope I can share my insight with others and maybe open up their eyes to what I see. But this does not mean I am right or wrong. Note I see a duplicate I will delete one of them.

# 2. 4/21/16 9:17 AM by little john - mount morris
thumbsup.gif I enjoyed reading your columns...

So this is what I will do! You will just have to wait and see what will happen at the end of the free trial. This is called a cliff hanger and you will have to come back next time when the answers to your prayers will be inline with your hopes and dreams of world domination.

© 2016 Russell Mayes - 4/20/16

I have had some attacks from far right and far left...

One alternative is to use the comments to my postings to keep "active" in discussions if you wish...

A couple of the other commenters, who took direct hits, have done that with my columns...

I have posted a lot of columns but have a low number of comments. (a lot of strike-outs) if you will...


no matter what the content or opinions of others may be...

Some say I waffle a lot, and maybe I do... But I reserve the right to change my mind or perspective on any subject as long as I am alive and thinking...

Anyways...Thank you for inspiring me to new perspectives and viewpoints...


Editor's Note: Liberty and Justice for All, is a statement lost to many these days. It does not mean taking property of those who produce and work hard. And the pursuit of Happiness.. nothing about being forced to acknowledge some of the most stupid rules ever put forth on a people of a free country.

# 3. 4/22/16 9:23 AM by 104
Keep on writing. Folks who are very judgemental are jerks!

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