Smart phone apps for the WOTL community

If you have a cell phone, you probably have a smart phone...and if you have a smart phone, you use apps. Press the Facebook button on your screen, and you are magically transported to the world where you immediately find out what your sister ate for breakfast.

Press the Netflix app and you are cruising through Andy Griffith reruns on your phone screen.

Millions of apps available for both Apple and Android phones.

Now, starting today, apps are available for the situations we face on WOTL...

1. Amnesiac post blocker app- Amnesiac's WOTL posts will never show up on your screen...only irate comments to the post will be allowed through.

2. Growel web digger app- Growel, in an attempt to respond to Amnesiac's post (now blocked if app in place) digs furiously through Breitbartian web pages to find just the right piece of information that will counter Amnesiac's hate spew.

3. Zjabs New York State employee crisis hotline app- NYS employee, one foot launched from Niagara Falls? Call Zjabs, who will talk you down...for a paypal processed fee.

4. Tom Dey Big Brain app- If someone writes something reely smarrt, and your brain hurts trying to figger it press the Tom Dey button and it is easily explained. (Note- my brother went to the same college as Tom, but doesn't sound like Tom...bro is seriously lesser brained).

5. Albert button- Automatically links to the Tom Dey button to explain Albert's mensa ianic ragings.

6. Pro Trump Kremlin love emojis app- Pro Trumpers (almost everyone) can press this button to have Kremlin love emojis sprinkled throughout their posts, signifying our country's new moist love for Pooty and Russia.

7. The 'secretly move WOTL headquarters to Orange County, New York' app- Rochester has been the home of WOTL for years and I have yet to attend one drunken convention with dozens of ladies of the evening. Moved to Orange County, things will change, baby. Picture Rick in a toga stumbling out of the Farmer's Inn at 4am.

© 2017 amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest - 3/21/17

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Rick leaving Farmer's Inn
Rick leaving Farmer's Inn
Farmer's Inn
Farmer's Inn