Why conservatives must block Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court nominee

It says it all in this CNN quote about Neil Gorsuch's church-

'He was raised Catholic but now worships with his wife and two daughters at St. John's Episcopal Church in Boulder, Colorado. Like the city, the congregation is politically liberal. It bars guns from its campus and installed solar panels; it condemns harsh rhetoric about Muslims and welcomes gays and lesbians.'

(Note to Growel...quotes mean the words quoted have no relevance to what I really mean...sort of like 'wiretapping')

Where do I beginnnnnnnn???????

No guns? How can I blast that crying infant in the next pew into the eternal world?

Solar panels! Dear God! Greeeeeeeeen! Where the bleep is the coal furnace?? Who wants to save the freaking planet???

Muslims? The few that are not deported?

Gays and lesbians? Are you serious? Sitting next to my kids???

Gorsuch is a closet lib- you know it...I know it....could...could...could...could...


Hardly the replacement for the sacred Scalia conservative seat.


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