Fox news is now accountable!

The only good news about this Presidency is that right wing nut jobs have to back up what they say. Because they will be quoted by the President, they can't hide in relative anonymity.

So Judge Napolitano, who I believe must have been a totally fine judge, now finds his careless remark about British involvement in Trump wiretapping subject to scrutiny. Apparently, a 3pm statement shows that Fox has distanced themselves from Napolitano.

Mark Levin (sp?) hopefully learned the same lesson. If you can say anything you want on Fox, or Breitbart, and no one holds you accountable, you keep on doing it.

Now, I have to believe that Napolitano, at least, will think twice before running his yapper.

Apparently, the President does not rely on his daily briefings for up to date information.

He relies on Fox.

Since we all now rely on Fox for our national safety,maybe, just maybe, they will start telling the truth.

We can only hope.

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