Wiretapping is not wiretapping!....fools

Yesterday, in the wonderful world of Sean Spicer press conferences, as representative of your POTUS, we learned that 'wireptapping', in quotes, does not mean the same as wiretapping, not in quotes.

For instance, it does not mean that Obama LITERALLY climbed into the White House and tapped Trump's phones...thank God! I thought Deep State Barry plopped a ladder against the side of the White House and ascended into the President's bedroom..where Donald would have been madly tweeting.

But there are other forms of surveillance, and 'publications' have testified to these nasty things being done by Deep State Barry sponsored operatives. Got that?

Yesterday, an investigatory committee demand that the President, or the Justice Department, provide PROOF...(for those who have forgotten what proof is, it sort of means you have concrete evidence that that which you allege is possibly or probably or definitely true), came and went, and an extension was asked for, and apparently granted.

Which leads to the obvious question...if the President made this claim, he must have already had concrete proof, excluding nut wing news slobber, or else he NEVER would have accused of his predecessor of engaging in a felony. What normal person would have done that?

So, Mr. President, you will obviously ignore this into forever land, and hopefully, the 'fake' media will never give up finding the true story on this. Because everyone needs to have a clear picture of the character of the man they elected.

By the way, if Hillary had done any of this crap? This site would be on fire, with fifty posts a day screaming about her lack of fitness and temperament.

And you know it.

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