When dogs peed on car tires

In the nineteen fifties, dogs always peed on car tires...even girl dogs.

You saw it every day...and the black wall tires were streaked with criss cross patterns of puppy pee.

There was an excellent chance that, if you looked out at your driveway, a dog was peeing on your tires at that moment. And for some reason, I never saw dads rushing to chase the dogs away, except for my uncle John, who had the most spotless, beautiful cars ever.

And it didn't have to be your dog. Dogs roamed freely in the olden days, and pee was flying everywhere.

Why then and not today?

I don't ever see dogs peeing on tires today.

Haven't seen it in decades.

A few ideas..

1. Old tires were big and plump and fat...a very friendly target for a mutt stream.

2. Old tires had that certain smell that fired up their little bladders.

3. New dogs are usually restricted in movement...leashed..electrically fenced, actually fenced. Maybe they really really really want to pee on your tires, but can't get to them.


4. Old tires were made up of mysterious elements, like carbofluorazine glutenitis, which pheremonally drove attractors to the villi in the lining of the dogs noses...which shot signals to release pooch pee, or something like that.

Tom Dey would know...Tom was one of the people on this site who a)lived through the fifites, and b) knows periodic table of the elements stuff, and all of the manufacturing details of old tires.

Rick might know too. He is somewhat old, and was a builder. Builders have to know lots of stuff.

Growel won't know...if a dog peed on Growel's tires, Growel would stop the problem immediately with a barrage of bullets into the canine's cranium.

I need to know this answer, and I need to know it now. I am heading out for a day trip, and I can't leave till I know why our old car tires were covered in pee.

Sometimes I get that way.

© 2017 amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest - 3/12/17

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