Deep State...Bohemian Grove

Mentioning the term 'Deep State' will cause certain members of this site to immediately change their undergarments...

Info Wars followers, with their walking waldorf salad of a leader Alex Jones (remember the Pizzagate Hillary pedophile ring that resulted in the gun nut visit...that was his deal)..these clowns are losing fistfuls of hair over the Obama led Deep has come to a head over President Nut Wing's charge of Obama spying on him.

My this if you don't already know it..

Bohemian Grove..

Yes, Bohemian Grove..

The most influential republicans in the western world meet secretly, wear satanic robes while naked underneath, lufa each other's personal regions, and determine the fate of the 'free' world..

Those who attend these sessions include...

The Koch brothers..

The Bushes..

Darth Vader Cheney..

Growel.. (he is the bathroom attendant)

Mitch McConnell..

104 (he is the lufa attendant)

Gary (hot oil warmer)

and the late Richard Nixon.

You really think any Democrat(ic) could challenge these Masters of the Universe? Are you serious?

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Bohemian Grovers inc. Growel, 104, Gary