Does anyone still remember Tuesday's speech?

Everyone... I mean everyone...thought Trump killed it last Tuesday night, after his speech.

Fox, CNN, MSNBC (except for Rachel and Lawrence), and the big three networks...GUSHED..this is the presidential Trump we have been waiting for!

Van Jones on CNN, a Trump despiser, nearly cried at Trump's wonderfulness.


For a speech that was undoubtedly written by Peggy Noonan, read from the teleprompter (remember when that was a bad thing?), and slightly less horrible then his other hate blurbs.

We had set the bar for this man so incredibly low, that any showing of normalness was met with breathless adulation.

This speech, given by ANY past president, would have earned a few modest kudos at any of the major fake news sites.


But always remember...always...this is the guy who started his five year journey to the White House with a big lie...a big, whopping, totally unchallenged lie.

He insisted that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and that he was a Muslim. He ran with it, and ran with it..many on this site pumped their tiny fists in recognition of it, and no one at the networks stood up to it...not even Chris Matthews!



President mental madness had a freaking great week...all he had to do was keep his mouth shut, and he was golden!

But, nooooooo.

Saturday morning...early...when he should have been studying his intelligence briefings...he went level ten nutto, again!, over Deep State Obama, who had wiretapped Trump and his fellow travellers at Trump Tower. Just like when he insisted Obama was a Muslim! (he is fixated on Obama!)

Some fever swampers at this site, like Gary, INSIST that this is true...because their passionate orange creepoid leader said it is true...and some others on this site insist that people like me prove it ISN'T true.

Of course, if we play the PROVE IT ISN'T TRUE game, then we will be very busy..because President Nut Job comes up with new sh_t every day.

And I will spend all my time following our leader down a billion rabbit holes.


But back to my point!

He had a glorious first half of the week....and somehow, some way, he managed to screw it up.

But the greatest shame isn't his.

That belongs to the Republican elected leadership...their quiet, tacit, approval, or in some cases, not so quiet approval, will prove to be a shame they will never be able to wash off when this death star implodes.

And this star is close to imploding after fifty days.

© 2017 amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest - 3/7/17

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