Teresa is wiretapping me

Oh sure...

sure.. she seems like a law abiding, God fearing woman of the west..

yeah...think so?

Found out that Teresa wiretapped me.

I just figgered it out...

I have hidden cameras in my Black Hole of Calcutta style three bedroom..

Checked the cameras yesterday..

Teresa, identified thru her bio pic, is seen climbing over Chinese food containers, piles of dirty underwear, and swirling dust motes, as she places eavesdropping devices near my favoritest places..

1. wherever I eat

2. The bat room

3. My third floor love nest

This is what she heard..

'Uh, two orders or General Tso's chicken for delivery...'

'Hello, Ebay, I did not receive my case of 'the mother' apple cider plutonium vinegar this month..'

'Yes, Growel, I do accept your apology...I know you didn't mean it'

'Oh, baby, you know I was kidding when I said you had too much junk in the trunk'

Because I am president of WOTL, I demand that all other issues be dropped immediately, and an investigation must take place.

Unless I come up with a new scandal tomorrow, at which time you must investigate that.

Since you are all Republicans, I know that you will follow my lead on this, without question....

because that's what Republicans do.

© 2017 amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest - 3/6/17

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