Obama wiretapped Trump

President Obama authorized the wiretapping of Trump, or Trump tower, or members of the Trump campaign in Trump tower...or something like that.

Forget Trump campaign collusion with Russia..forget Jeff Sessions...and Paul Manafort..and the recently fired security head Michael Flynn...and everyone else who met with the pleasantly chunky Russkie spy, I mean ambassador.

That is not important, now.

Obama's wiretapping of Trump is a much worse then Watergate moment. Much worse.

And he must go to jail.

And Hillary, too. And Bill. And Chelsea.

And Al Gore.

And Tom Dey. And, of course, Growel.

How does the President know this to be true? Mainstream news, not fake. Breitbart. And some guy named Mark Lavigne.

Usually this stuff is handled privately.

But not in today's twitter world.

We, meaning you and gleeful me, get to learn everything. It's kind of like your parents arguing about a terrible indiscretion on the part of dad, using a microphone, in the village square. (Actually my wife did that).

This is the second time Obama got in trouble this week..he also is responsible for many, if not all, leaks.

Trump knows this stuff. He regularly quotes Fox News, and Breitbart, and Rush Limboo..you know, REAL news, not the icky Wash Post, or NY Times, or Clinton News Network (they are fake).

This just in from last night..


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The Trump wiretapper