The upcoming impeachment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

A prominent writer on this site sweatily chimed in on the LEFT'S desire to impeach Jeff Sessions because he noodled about with the truth regarding an answer to a question he was never asked under oath.

The writer, a Mr. GB, a recent grad of Trump University, runs wild with the thought that we pinkos want to impeach Jeff Sessions..

Ahhhh...but if it were true, my friends.

Let me explain what he is getting at...

First..should Sessions recuse himself?...Yes, and he has, but he did get cute with that on Fox the other night as to the dates within which he would recuse...keeping a close eye on that weasel move.

Second..should Sessions resign?...of course he should...he is the top law enforcement officer in all the land, and he DID NOT FORGET a recent meeting with the Russian ambassador, especially in that time period.

Third...should Sessions be impeached? Only if we want the circus to be all about Sessions, and not about the rest of the Trump goon squad.

Trust modestly brained one wants that.

GB wants it desperately to be about the current saying goes, 'follow the shiny object over here.' and ignore the big prize (Trump).

(By the way, you would already know this, because I politely commented so on GB's post, but he blocks my I need to comment here).


Here's the deal, folks. You are already living in Russia west. That task has been completed.

Way, way, way, way too much coincidental crap going on, topped by the changing of the Republican platform this summer to be more Putin friendly! to not realize this.

Repub pundits scream about how the voting machines were not tampered with...of course they weren't. They didn't have to most were off line.

Your President is a Putin love puppy, who

a) probably owes Russia billions and DEFINITELY HAS sold personal properties to Russian oligarchs for multi millions (see Florida estate)

b) is probably blackmailable

c) simply loves Putin because Putin says nice things about him

So, GB, take your Sessions impeachment post and toss it in the basket with last night's fish...ain't gonna happen.

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