Me, and the Miami Dolphin Cheerleader

About 1974 ish.

Vacationing with my parents at our summer home at Cape Cod... a friend of my mom's stops by the Cape house along with her daughter, who, I come to find out, is a MIAMI DOLPHINS CHEERLEADER.

Wow, I never met a pro football team cheerleader before.

Mom asks me to take Karen for a ride to show her the beach, the lighthouses, and my hair chest (OK, I made that part I only have about six hairs on my chest..they are still there).

She is awesomely impressed with my new Chevy Vega, as i open the passenger side door...

'So, Karen, how's Miami?'


'You enjoying the Cape?'


'You prefer the company of poorly muscled schoolteachers over football hunks?'

Eye roll.

As I pointed out interesting sites, like where I stole my first teenaged kiss, she sometimes would nod her head slowly, sometimes not.

She never said one word.

But, since I wanted to impress my friends, I pretended that she said some yep, and cool.

Took her back to the house...her Mom asks how the tour was..

And Karen nodded slowly without saying a word...

While I wiped imaginary lipstick off my collar..

It was tough to have so many women want me.

© 2017 amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest - 3/2/17

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never stood a chance
never stood a chance