Bill O'Reilly interviews Gomer Pyle..Swedish Security Expert

O La La: Are you a security expert?

Pyle: Yomp.

O La La: Swedish?

Pyle: Like meatballs.

O La la: Explain your training.

Pyle: Well, ya see, Andy and Opie had me watch the Spencer sisters house allllll night long last was a hot one, it wuz...but we wuz afraid that Aunt Bea might raid their pantry for some...

O La la: We get it...we get it...remember, REAL NEWS ON FOX...fake news on CNN and in the NY Times..Got that?

PS- O'Reilly is supposed to explain what happened tonight...I CAN'T WAIT! In typical O'Reilly fashion, he will blame all mainstream media (except Fox), George Will, Obama, Hillary, Al Sharpton, Chelsea, and Warren Beatty.

© 2017 amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest - 2/27/17

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O'Reilly's Swedish security expert
O'Reilly's Swedish security expert