A great job about to come to an end

Disclaimer- Won't be many tears shed about this...but I will post anyway.

I started at my little radio station in June as a trainee...when you head down the driveway, you weave through chickens and goats to get to the entrance.

While inside, you stop and chat with WJFF groupies, none below the age of seventy, all licking stamps, or stacking envelopes, or putting on fresh coffee.

JEFF radio reaches out to folks in one of the most rural areas of New York state..tailored to the needs of a population that is as anti fifth avenue as you could find. They want to know about the local poetry workshop, or the church chicken dinner, or the classical music recital. They want a mix of national, state, and local news.

And late at night, the station unleashes characters like me, who play music from the ages who comment on everything.

And when I leave at midnight, I turn on the overnight show, turn off the lights, and drive home. Doesn't get better than that.


Well, my short lived career seems to be nearing the end. Corporation for Public Broadcasting funds are headed for the chopping block under the new administration.

These funds have been threatened before..under Bush...under Reagan, but have somehow survived.

But, as we have seen, these guys mean business.

Padlock the doors.

Before you go 'liberals suck' on this, you need to know that Sullivan County voted overwhelmingly for Trump in this election. That is our 'constituency'. They are as red as any part of the state.

I worry about the paid station personnel...where do they go? The rest of us are volunteers. We will be deeply saddened, but won't lose our homes over this.

Hoping for a miracle.

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