I am a snowflake

I have determined that I am a snowflake...

based on the constant commentary of several people on this site, mostly one person.

Let's think about that...

1. I am delicate, and my feelings are bruised easily.

2. My house is a safe space...safe, that is, from any health care professional that performs his or her duties in a germ free environment.

3. I attend disruptive activities in a virtual way...in front of my flat screen, swilling a Pabst Blue Ribbon.

But I have to tell you...my bod can not be described in any singular flake way...

I am more like a snow ball..

or more accurately, a snow ball that started at a mountain top during an avalanche and is racing toward an unsuspecting village of abandoned orphans.

So, I am sort of a snowflake times ten to the fifty billionth power...or something like that.

If you comment, make it nice, or you will hurt my little feelings..

And I will delete you faster than a Bowling Green massacre (or Swedish massacre..get confused)

© 2017 amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest - 2/20/17

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