Shephard Smith's statement

If you want an articulate treatment of how I feel about the Trump situation, watch the Shep Smith clip below.

None of the pundits from the lefty channels came within a galaxy of Shep and his statement...bottle it...bronze it....put it on the Fox letterhead.

As predicted, Fox News nuts went ballistic on social media...HOW DARE HE!

Many demanded his firing. Undoubtedly some fondled their guns with thoughts of revenge.

Doubt that firing will happen...there are no surprises at gave the green light on that statement.

Shep's been around for something like twenty years. If he was fired, he would be doing a show on CNN the next morning.

People on this site will hate this clip. One extremely homophobic commenter will go deep after Shep's sexual preferences.

Because we all know that matters.

Do a it twenty times.

It will start making sense.

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