When will my son pick up the tab?

My son, visiting for the holidays-

"You want a pizza?"


Prior to leaving for the pizza parlor, my son engages in the universally recognized body language for "gimmee money"- he stands about 18 inches in front of me, rocking to and fro, hands stuffed in pockets, staring at me.

I, of course, hand over the cash.

But unlike the past, things are different.  This time, he has a job, a Wall Street job.  He makes a load of dough. Much, much more than I do.

But none of this matters, for he is invoking the " Dad always pays" rule.

Another example.

Last month, I drove to Manhattan to join Mike for lunch.  His hand never reached for his pocket other then to fetch a tissue.  Wouldn't even cough up for the tip!

But don't think this only applies to sons. It also applies to little brothers. 

My younger brother (54 years old!) is the Chief Financial Officer of a California company. Safe to say he is a millionaire.  But when he comes home, guess who pays for dinner?  Every...single..time.  

Now you may think that I can pull this free dinner stunt on my Dad or big brother.  Alas, they have both passed on to heaven.

I have an idea. I want my son and younger brother to go out to dinner together.  And then let's see who cracks first and reaches for the bill.

I think back to my younger years- did Dad always pay?  My memory tells me probably yes.  Did my big brother pay?  Definitely no.

I will say this, when the kid reaches 10 million in income,  lunch is on him.

© 2014 amnesiac - 12/28/14

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