Note- This story took place about 5 months ago.

She was on The View, Piers Morgan, and other shows.  She was all over the internet.

‘She’ is Belle Knox, the Duke University student who starred in porn movies in order to ‘pay her tuition’.

My son went to Duke, and I thought there might be a small chance that he would know her.

So I gave him a call.

“Yeah, I know her.  She was at my apartment last Friday-we watched Lord of the Rings.”

“What? She’s really famous”, I said.

Mike knew that.  And she knew that. And she was hating the on campus attention, which was cruel and nasty. A southern elite school was a terrible place for a girl like her.

“So, ahem, what did you do?”

“Watched the movie and talked.”

That’s why I love this kid.  So nonjudgmental, such a caring person.

My thoughts of wild debauchery never entered Mike’s mind.  He just wanted an evening of movies and some popcorn.

While Belle Knox was in Mike’s apartment, she could, for a little while, be like a normal kid.

Nice going, Mike. Your dad is proud.