A sea of panties

Cruising the news services last week, and I come upon an article about Don Johnson, the former star of Miami Vice.

Johnson co starred with Philip Michael Thomas in this sexy, hip, cutting edge TV show.

In the article, Johnson talks about a filming incident in Manhattan.  As he puts it, while he and Thomas are running down the street, a sea of approx. 1000 panties shower down upon them.  They actually had to refilm the scene after clearing away the panties.

This incident was somewhat dissimilar to a 1960's college panty raid I participated in, involving dozens of horny college men and a few pair of violently shredded panties.

A few scatter shot observations-

I cannot personally relate to this. The only thing women threw me was out. Was never showered with panties, but if I had been, you would have known about it day one.

All those pantyless women. Didn't that create personal icky issues as the day progressed?  And what if their bosses walked in when they were tossing their thongs. What the hell did they think? And what do they tell their hubbies when they go home?

"Oh honey, I was at the broccoli aisle at Wegman's and they slid off without me realizing it."

Did it really happen? This ain't ticker tape.  I don't see women freely hoisting their undergarments from a skyscraper. Bull!*&!@ meter is burying the needle.

Final verdict- I don't think it happened.  But I wish I was there just in case.

© 2014 amnesiac - 11/6/14

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