Meals on Wheels is Dead
by amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest

# 1. 3/17/17 7:09 AM by 104
There is always "alt-meals on wheels". Charity begins at home. And in our churches. Great time to privatize "Meals on Wheels". Like the Red Cross, rich administrators' salaries at meals on wheels are humongous! I once wanted to "volunteer" for "Meals on Wheels", but they were kinda "fussy".

Editor's Note: It costs three million every weekend we send the Trump clan to Mal Al tell me, do you think the Orange turd might cut back a few weeks to pay for Meals on Wheels? Meals on Wheels sure helped me while I WAS WORKING and my uncle needed meals and someone to check on him..I was unable to do so. Would love to know exactly why they were fussy.

# 2. 3/17/17 7:20 AM by 104
Volunteer yourself and find out exactly what they are fussy about and why. "Orange turd" is such a disrespectful term for someone like yourself to use when folks like you should know better. Especially the teachers of our yoots. Past and present.

Editor's Note: I volunteer plenty, sir. Perhaps if I continue to use the term 'orange turd', you can have me sent to a deportation camp, where I can live with undesirables, like Muslims, Mexicans, and Russians (oops! did I say Russians? mistake there! LOL)

# 3. 3/17/17 7:49 AM by Nick
Trump has no use for poor elderly people; might as well eradicate them.

Editor's Note: i think the elderly should be placed in deportation camps, along with muslims, mexicans, and me (plus i am kinda old)

# 4. 3/17/17 9:15 AM by Pathetic hateful little man - AKA Growel E. Bayher
Seems kinda selfish to me that you carry on about the $445 million in "Corporation for Public Broadcasting funds would be gone, affecting my little radio station..." while more than 40 million Americans live in poverty and millions of kids go to bed hungry. Oh well, to each his own.

Editor's Note: Oh! And how the turd has helped them on this budget! LOLOL

# 5. 3/17/17 11:06 AM by jg
You're batting 1000%. Everything you said today is wrong. Everything. Remarkable!

Editor's Note: This is just like every other day.

# 6. 3/17/17 1:00 PM by JAY - OR
I must have missed, or misread, something regarding this proposal. (And, clearly being a senior citizen, and having been a grateful recipient/beneficiary of Meals-On-Wheels for some ten months,I think I was observing closely.)It seemed to me that the proposal was to discontinue the Federal earmark for that program. It was estimated that the Federal contribution to Meals-On-Wheels was approximately 3% of the programs budget.

If true, that is a far cry from eliminating the program. Please advise.

Also (and closer to your ox), what percentage of NPR's budget is Federally supported?

Editor's Note: Looks like about 17.9 overall, some states hit harder then others. Our station gets 30 percent fed funding, which is for serving a very pro Trump rural pop

# 7. 3/17/17 2:58 PM by 104
Senior elderly folk have a constitutional right to have their daily slop administered in several different ways. Intravenously, in a nursing home, or delivery, not unlike the slop from Domino's Pizza, which they may or may not be already familiar with. Menu recently expanded to include pasta slop, salad slop, calzone slop, etc. New menu additions to include Mint Chokkit Chip slop and canned oyster slop.

# 8. 3/18/17 6:38 AM by 104
Government just starting new funding of home delivery program for pets of the elderly. "Kibbles On Wheels" includes joining folks and pets on daily walks too! And government funded poop-scoop service. Call out the National Guard!

# 9. 3/18/17 10:39 AM by BF
Who else is going to pay for the wall if not poor old people and preschoolers??

Editor's Note: let's take the wall cost, est. 21 billion dollars, put it on a ship to sea, and throw it overboard..u will get the same result. what an incredible waste of money because a bunch of toothless kentucky deplorables thought it 'wuz a great ideee!'

# 10. 3/18/17 11:42 AM by BF
I think mebee, just mebee, some of those Kentuckeans, and Michiganers, and Ohioans, through the magic of the Internets, are beginning to see through the lies and distractions of this president.

Perhaps it soon will be time for him to walk down the middle of 5th Avenue.

Editor's Note: I disagree...the Trump deal is a cult, and the leader of a cult can never do wrong, no matter what the evidence. His toothless deplorables will stay with him, even though he is destroying many programs that affect them. They are fiercely loyal in a remarkably stupid way.

# 11. 3/18/17 12:46 PM by BF
They see that they will be hit where it hurts: in their healthcare, and what they will lose.

Editor's Note: i have no sympathy for trump voters...i spoke till i had no voice trying to get them to see the trail of horror they were headed on...and they ignored me. therefore, you deserve what you get.

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