Wiretapping is not wiretapping!....fools
by amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest

# 1. 3/14/17 10:06 AM by BF
In effort to keep you completely honest and to prevent the loyal Trumpniks from calling you out on it, I will point out that as Twitler stated that Obama wiretapped during the campaign, he would have had to wiretap the alt-White House, Trumpnik Tower.

Editor's Note: oh crappppp! i would correct it but that would make me out to be the phony i really am!!!!!!!! shame on me!!!!

# 2. 3/14/17 10:23 AM by Pathetic hateful little man - AKA growel E. Bayher
While not expecting a direct answer, I feel compelled to ask anyway.

Who are the fools you refer to in the title of your column? The Media? Seems unlikely. Liberals? Obviously not. Deplorables? Unless you offer some other answer, I will be left to conclude that they are the ones you consider fools.

PS: The demand ( perhaps better described as a request) for Trump to provide proof of his claim that Obama wiretapped him has been extended to next Monday.

Editor's Note: i always answer, sir..no chicken here. The fools are people like me who think wiretapping is wiretapping...check trump's past tweets, he throws around quotes without rhyme or reason like candy. The extension is certainly sad, isn't it? All Trump has to do, as YOU KNOW, is get on the phone with the appropriate people and ASK, then declassify the information so that we all can find out the truth. Just like 3 to 5 million illegal voters, it is all Bull Sh_t, my friend, and oh yes, don't forget Ted Cruz's dad was in on the JFK assassination. Your orange boy is a pathological liar..you are smart enough to figure that out, the horror is starting to hit you.

# 3. 3/14/17 11:08 PM by Mk
Hillary did this: She blamed right wing conspiracy theorist for many things. She blamed. She lied about being under sniper fire. She asked what difference does it make?

This was all before being president.

Again, I believe Trump was correct in substance maybe not specifics. Obama has sought warrants to listen in on Trump. What if Trump returns the favor?

Editor's Note: Hillary, as president, never blamed a previous president of a felony ..No one has. Trump is a pathological liar, that has been multiply proven. The worst ever.

# 4. 3/15/17 6:42 AM by Mk
As Secretary of State she lied about things that were treasonous. I don't care- she's not President. She was Secretary of State. What about the 1.7 Billion given to Iran by BO as a settlement? What about the lies and stalling committed by the justice department with fast and furious... And they were lies and felonies.

It has gone on for eight years. Obama did more to strengthen Trumps election than any Republican.

Editor's Note: Benghazi tragically killed four...under the Republican God Reagan 246 Marines killed at Beirut....one investigation..and no one here says a WORD...oh, Reagan the God also gave us Iran Contra!!! Here is the deal, those of us on this site who remember the Cuban missile crisis realize that if we did not have a strong, KNOWLEDGEABLE LEADER, we would not be alive today..it was that close. Today, we have a 'leader' that hates to read..HATES TO READ!!! and is totally, totally uninformed, and is also a temperamental infant. Honestly, the fact that you wave him off without comment is absolutely, mind blowingly astonishing.

# 5. 3/15/17 11:19 AM by Mk
I was just becoming an adult during Iran contra. I wasn't alive for anything Kennedy. And where we differ: I feel Obama has led our country into Disintegration - morally, foreign relations, financially, and ethically. I'm grateful we had an election.

You asked me about Chaffetz. I've been listening to him questiion government officials. The amount of stalking, lies, deception, corruption and outright arrogance surprised me. I like what he has said and done. I've read his protestors were not many of his constituents, rather paid protestors. It's hardball in every political arena. I appreciate him more than I did two weeks ago.

We as Americans have a mess on our hands here. I'm tired of riots being incited and encouraged by our own president and justice dept. My son, a police officer can now do his job . Obama's Justice Dept. sent someone to his department telling them they were racists and could not follow their own guidelines. The impositions and unrealistic expectations given them were lifted the day of inauguration. Police can now use riot gear in public. They can arrest protestors who become violent. Before they had to stand by- at their own peril and tolerate lawlessness.

They can perform their jobs the way they were trained and be able to retain a more reasonable amount of safety.

We have lost so much that many feel were gains. To me, it was the utmost disrespect to light the White House in rainbow colors.

The last three months- so much money disappeared through the pentagon. 9 trillion bucks- gone. Nary a word from Democrats. 1.7 billion given to Iran as a settlement through the world court- but it was " unrecorded" due to pending cases with Iran. The 1.7 billion does not included not account for assets that were thawed and cashed out. We gave - an enemy country - a cash infusion equal to more than 3 times more than the entire USA spends on groceries. We could have fed the entire USA for three years with that cash. I tried to see the best in every candidate. I tried to form opinions that reflect my values. I wish we didnt have such polarizing events and that we could all agree on somethings. The spending needs to stop. Obama was bankrupting our country as fast as he could.

I disagree with a lot of things you've said about Trump. I do not believe he's an idiot anymore than I believe Obama is an idiot.

And did I mention I'm a cranky faced grouch that doesnt feel well who probably should stay away from all human interaction until I feel more like myself? :)

Editor's Note: I give up

# 6. 3/15/17 1:39 PM by mk
I'm going to my room now.

We see this so differently. Respectfully, On the bright side of our disagreements, we all feel strongly about the value of our country because WE LOVE our country and recognize the gift that it is. Not only to Americans but we recognize the leadership and gift our country is to the world.

In spite of our differences, we all want it to continue on and succeed.

On this- I think we agree. And I will go to my room now.

Editor's Note: i have said it before...i can not identify one trait that trump has that i wish my son had..nothing. i also said, and strongly believe, that he has severe mental illness...i identify a manic state that never seems to go away (don't ask me what that is), he is far more manic than i am. And what makes this country wonderful is that when you toss out baseless allegations, and you are a President, you damn well better back it up, because congressmen, including republicans, will hold you responsible...that is the case right now. Trump also said 3 to 5 million aliens voted illegally (all for Clinton) and Ted Cruz's dad was in on the JFK assassination.. he read it in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER..Teresa, in a trillion years, I have no clue as to what makes you think this creep is acceptable in any way at all.

# 7. 3/15/17 6:36 PM by BF
The way I see it is that Obama tended to do things that are good for our country: Twitler is doing what is good for himself and for his cronies. There are far too many examples to cite here.

What happened to, "Whatsoever you do to the least of your bretheran. . . "?

Why otherwise intelligent, well-read, moral people do not see this is beyond me.

Editor's Note: i think all people who love trump had some type of abuser in their past or present

# 8. 3/15/17 7:09 PM by BF
PS. Twitler is a COMPLETE idiot.

And: If Hillary or Obama had done one-tenth of what the current administration has done or proposes, they would be drawn and quartered.

Editor's Note: if hillary had said that john mccain was not a war hero, she would have been completely finished..his numbers went up...i have no idea what happened to these people, many of whom are relatives and or neighbors

# 9. 3/15/17 7:18 PM by mk
I don't want your head (or anyone's for that matter) to explode but here are the things I've seen as characteristics and strengths.

Many of us are not going to write about his strengths because if you can't see them, this list will just make you frustrated.

So- hold your head- while you read this.

I see Trumps strengths:

He understands sacrifice. Hard Worker, Persistent. He sets goals and achieves them. He is visionary- he can see things most of us don't. He's a creator. He's a builder. He's patriotic. He loves this country. He is charitable and kind.

Editor's Note: as the gold star muslim dad said, he has sacrificed nothing...let me skip everything and go to charitable (where is HIS charitable donations, please list!), and LOVE OF GOD! KIND! Please, please, please tell me who he has been kind to! Please! He has engaged in infant name calling toward lots of people..behavior that YOUUUUU would never let your kids engage in in a second! when they were four years old! and he is seventy! And I have never seen anyone come within a galaxy of this man's ability to tell lies.

# 10. 3/15/17 9:05 PM by BF
He is a collossal liar and a cheat. Ask any of the little businessmen he has gyped (sorry, Zjabs). Oh! And he is a serial adulterer. He is colluding with the enemy(ies): Russia, various countries in the Middle East, etc, etc.

He and ilk need to be gone.

Editor's Note: My mom told me to try to see the other side of people or issues...I cannot seen how anyone could watch such a bloviating, lying, bullying gasbag on TV and say 'wow, he is the guy for me'....i want him to control the nuclear arsenal.

# 11. 3/15/17 9:18 PM by BF

Editor's Note: always.

# 12. 3/16/17 1:23 PM by BF
But wait! There's more!!

He is visionary and a builder . . . as long as that means a completely white race. He keeps getting knocked down by district circuit judges (no. 9 comes to mind) on what he proposes not because of the oh-so-mean media, but because what he visions is a dominant white race and his visions are unconstitutional. The district judges (more than one) have judged that his executive orders contain religious animus and fail the Constitutional test of religious freedom of prejudice.

And the 2005 tax return is the one released by whomever because that is the year that Melanija (original spelling) applied for citizenship: she was required to include it in her application.

Getting back to Judicial District No. 9: Beware Twitler attempting to replace him: that's the district Trump Tower is in. He wants a judge who will jump into his pocket.

The only donation he shows of any kind is to his own foundation, essentially keeping it for himself, and he hasn't been able to accomplish much of anything he promised on the campaign trail, thank the gods. Despite what Twitler promised on the trail, much of it is unconstitutional, and now he is changing his mind and promising something else. He has no moral compass, saying whatever his audience wants to hear.

Hillary was pilloried because of using a personal email server - just as Pence did during his entire term as governor.

Twitler is trying to dismantle environmental regulations. I would like to have clean water and air for future generations, thank you.

And don't even get me started on funding for the arts or care for women, infants, and children.

I have never been happier to live in a 'blue ' state as I am now.

Editor's Note: i live in a blue state, but a deep red region of a blue state..u might, too

# 13. 3/16/17 1:32 PM by BF
On the other hand, my best friend married a very conservative Conservative and moved to Wyoming, where they are assembling an weapons arsenal (I'm not kidding.). Through the years that they have been married she has morphed from a ditzy, liberal, artsy person to an Obama-hating conservative Conservative.

We decided years ago to never discuss politics. I bite my tongue a lot, but we are still best friends.

Editor's Note: i would be in fistfights with her...i love fistfighting women

# 14. 3/17/17 9:29 AM by BF
Re your comment to no. 12:

Naah. I live in a racially-mixed neighborhood, but conservatives are not allowed.

Editor's Note: Got it

# 15. 3/18/17 11:19 AM by BF
And now will you posit (and perhaps write a column on) the administration's proposed health care replacement for the ACA?

Editor's Note: put everyone on medicare...the infrastructure is already in place, they know how to negotiate bills, as per my statements, need to work on prescrip. drugs costs... i mean everybody, including VA...would take a lot of the partisan horror, which f's up everything, out of the picture

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