When dogs peed on car tires
by amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest

# 1. 3/12/17 5:25 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater
I'm glad you included the picture, because before I scrolled down there, I was already postulating that the White Walls had something to do with it. If nothing else, that nice, white would be an ideal palate to present the art work. And I do recall dogs being all over the place. We have free-roaming dogs here, but that has even diminished... to a ~trickle~. Our three dogs, my favorite one was a "free range" one, who just showed up at our house about three years ago. Back in the 50s, guys were habitually fixing flats. Drive down any street on a Saturday and there would be a couple of guys working on the cars... right out at the road. So, maybe the tires "smelled like strangers." A dog would certainly want to mark that as HIS tire. Tom, dog psychologist Tom

Editor's Note: Tom, my disappointment in you knows no bounds... i was sure as sugar that you would immediately identify the molecular strutures, and related scents, of old tires, thus explaining poochie's peepee predilections... more important, you mention a dog just showing up at your house. when i was a kid, that was always the way a new dog replaced a recently deceased dog...he would just show up at the door, from places unknown...my dad would try to chase them away, but they persisted (like Liz Warren) these dogs from the wild turned out to be the best dogs in the history of mankind.

# 2. 3/12/17 6:34 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater
My "smells like strangers" alludes to the chemistry that affects dogs' behavior. I was up at the observatory field, mowing with the tractor. A coyote proudly strolled out and started making his rounds. He stopped at EVERY pissin spot that my chocolate lab had marked the day previous... and this coyote put down his scent. It must be where the phrase "pissin match" comes from? Tom, urge to piss Tom

Editor's Note: now explain why i always always have to pee...and it's not prostate related...amnesiac..longhorn amnesiac

# 3. 3/12/17 6:39 AM by 104
It was the nitrile used in the compounding of the rubber the tires were made of. Nitrile acts as a stimulant (sexual and otherwise) commonly used these days by gays to make them extra horny. Dogs naturally gay AND horny, much like former teachers.

Editor's Note: but i don't pee on tires..

# 4. 3/12/17 6:51 AM by 104
Called "Locker Room" or "Rush". Widely used in the '70s before banned by the Feds. Was the chemical "amyl nitrate". Made users dizzy and head spin. If you burn a piece of rubber and take a whiff of the smoke, makes head spin and get really high for a few seconds if it contains nitrile.

Editor's Note: somehow i knew you would know..

# 5. 3/12/17 8:22 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater
Explains why I sleep with my rubber duckie, a vintage rubber duckie. Tom, sleepin with the duckies Tom

Editor's Note: do u pee on it? oooooohhhhh....

# 6. 3/12/17 8:26 AM by lj - mm
thumbsup.gif Something about a "roundabout",

way to find fire hydrants???

I enjoyed the column and the comments... What a way to keep on thinking about stuff so simple and plain then, butt complicated now by science without conscience...

Editor's Note: post comments also reminded me about the roaming ways of dogs back then...true story- we would vacation in cape cod for two weeks and left our dog outside, unleashed, fed by my uncle twice a day..she was free to go anywhere..and was always waiting smiling when we got home. we don't see many roaming dogs today. thanks for the comment.

# 7. 3/12/17 9:02 AM by 104
#4 Ed. Note. years ago, they used to say: "Takes one to know one!". But nowadays they say: "You got good gaydar!". All I have to say is:"Forewarned is forearmed!". I was snooping at the Rochester St. Patrick's Day parade yesterday and did not see any "gay folks' floats".

# 8. 3/12/17 10:48 AM by Nick
When dogs roamed freely more of 'em were probably hit by moving cars. Perhaps in their little doggy minds they thought if they peed on car tires the cars wouldn't be able to run meaning there'd be fewer around to hit them. Hey don't laugh, it's about as good (or bad) a theory as anyone else has come up with....

Editor's Note: following that logic, if i pee on women's houses they might not run away from me....hey, what's that bubble top doing in the driveway?

# 9. 3/12/17 12:14 PM by BF
Now I know I had a benighted childhood: my neighborhood did not have free-range dogs, just the little yappy mutt next door that my cat used to purposefully annoy, and the Doberman across the street that visited my Dad with her owner and made the mistake of walking into our garage, whereupon my cat jumped on the dog's back, held on, and chewed the neck, afterward the dog disappeared, never to be heard of again. True story. BF, guardian of many interesting cats throughout the years, BF.

Editor's Note: i do believe i remember that story..always entertaining

# 10. 3/12/17 1:05 PM by Scott - Conesus, NY
A thought. In the 50's we were burning leaded gas in our cars....dogs have great smellers. Maybe the scent of combusted lead fumes is considered a territorial threat....to dogs.

Editor's Note: With our new head of the EPA, dogs will be peeing on tires again, cuz the lead will be back in the gas...reminds me, in 1985, on honeymoon in mexico, i immediately remembered the exhaust smell from my childhood, i guess because mexico never took the lead out

# 11. 3/14/17 7:43 AM by Mark - Greece
Nick was pretty close to the true solution I was going to provide. Like the cat in the fable where the mice put a bell around his/her (no sexism here) neck, the dogs used this as a pre-warning. Think about it, millions of cars, driving untold miles per day, past dozens if not hundreds of dogs per trip. The low failure rate would have to be astronomical (threw that in for Tom), and with his rusty slide rule, can probably calculate to within 7 or 8 decimal points. Maybe we should be bombing Iran, North Korea and China with urine. And as true patriots, we would all be willing to contribute, no? See how easy that was? Science can't provide all the answers, sometimes it just boils down to the natural instinct to survive.

Editor's Note: the fact that you remember a slide rule means you have great amnesiac like wisdom...hitting n. korea with blasts of urine should eliminate their nuclear threat

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