Pauly's Poopoo Pumper Open???
by amnesiac...Hudson Valley's finest

# 1. 1/31/15 6:28 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Hows about the "Viagra Hole in One?" the commercials could show this self-satisfied looking guy sinking a long putt and jamming the flag into the cup. I actually think the game looks like it might be fun, bun just not worth trying to get good at.

Editor's Note: Or following that line of thought, the Cialis Bury My Benjamin open, where all the holes are Cialis bathtubs.

# 2. 1/31/15 7:28 AM by 104
Ever notice the snake crawling from one bathtub into the other? Its sort of a silhouette, so you do have to use your imagination a bit.

Editor's Note: A snake? Gee, I wonder what that represents

# 3. 1/31/15 8:28 AM by Mark - Greece
Let us not forget that women play the game also. How about 'Summer's Eve Seduction Stop' or 'Poised for Greatness' tour. Or 'Victoria's Secret Revealed' championship.

Editor's Note: It is so incredibly rare when I DON'T think of women

# 4. 1/31/15 1:05 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
So what's with the grater hanging off a rear-view mirror or the condom in the wallet circle? I'm more overt and just park a couple big dildos on the dash board. And if I ever need to change a tire, they act as great wheel chocks, even though they are labeled, "for novelty purposes only."

Editor's Note: you got me on the grater, such a babe in the woods, when I entered college I bought condoms, they dried out and disintegrated well before I had the chance to use them

# 5. 2/1/15 7:39 AM by Mark - Greece
If my early dating history is any reference, the grater must have fallen out of her purse. Used on both her acne and hairy legs. No matter where we parked, it was always creepy though. It felt like someone was watching us from an observatory through his telescope.

Editor's Note: everybody at my school parked on Browns Road, grater, acne or hairy legs?, oh man. My first high school girlfriend had reptilian flesh, caused knuckles to bleed

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